Who we are

NXMH is a pan-European investment firm with €3 billion of assets under management. We manage an evergreen source of capital dedicated to backing promising brands in the consumer and cryptocurrency spaces. We add value by providing patient capital to entrepreneurial teams and leveraging our Asian and digital connections.


Teaming up with like-minded individuals is paramount to our way of working. We therefore spend considerable time discussing our values and way of working with potential partners. We will seek to spend significant time with our partners (entrepreneurs & managers) ahead of a transaction to ensure both parties feel strongly aligned for the journey to come. 


First and foremost, we seek the highest level of integrity in our partners. “Telling the bad news first” is central to our way of working and to establish the necessary trust. 

In our view, building a strong culture within our companies is the foundation for success and we strongly believe in the motto “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. As such, when evaluating companies, we will look for a strong performance and learning culture.

We will spend significant time building the best possible management teams by mixing the best of the organization with right external additions. The key is to ensure that management has a vision of “what best looks like”. 

Long-Term Oriented

Our goal is to partner with entrepreneurs and leaders who aim to transform their industries. This requires time and patience. Our family-owned evergreen structure provides the right structure to support such endeavours. 

We believe that the value of a good strategy compounds strongly over time. We will therefore focus strongly on defining the strategy early on and will hold to it as long as it adds value.

By favouring a low leverage financial structure, we aim to provide room to our management teams to capture growth opportunities as they arise and to navigate throughout cycles.


A clear ownership mentality in our companies is important to us, and we will push this as a building block for the company culture. We therefore act with the motto “a good profit is a shared profit”. 

We favour a frugal approach to business and want to make sure that management teams act as careful resource allocators, only growing what makes sense and not trying to build castles. 

We believe that energy is the fuel of an organization, and will seek leaders who radiate passion and obsession. These traits are typically contagious and have tremendous effect on the mindset of an organization.

Value Add